The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 – In Sheeps Clothing


*Potential spoiler warning.  If you haven’t had a chance to play the game, or if you plan on playing it, I suggest you do so before reading, to get the full experience. 

From the people who brought us The Walking Dead Game (season one and two), comes The Wolf Among Us, based upon the comic book – Fables, by Vertigo.  This game is based mostly around Bigby Sheriff, and Snow White, as they try to uncover the truths behind the recent murders of fables in their community.  It plays very similar to The Walking Dead (if you’re familiar with the controls), although it is vastly different from it’s dear friend.  The game not only looks, but feels quite a bit different, firstly, there is not Lee, nor is there even a Clementine to look after, and bond with.  It focuses more on being the Big Bad Wolf, that everyone has inside of themselves.  I know Snow hates it when I (as Bigby), mess around and handle things a little more ruff like, but I love it!  For some reason it’s just way more fun to be the Big Bad Wolf.  Come on don’t look at me like that, you guys secretly love it too.  Plus, Snow White get’s pissy when I’m nice (saying I need to be more firm), and she hates it when I’m mean, so what can you do?  Snow White get over yourself.

Platform: PC, Xbox 360, MAC (tested), PS3, IOS, PS Vita.  So you can pretty much get it on every device (minus the next gen ones).

There will be exactly five episodes in this series, so we are coming to a close, could there be a second season, or will it be a one and done?  I’m going with a season two, because everyone loves it, and there is so much that we’d have to cover in the last episode, to be one and done.  For my review on the previous episode click here.

If you haven’t read already read the comic books, fear not.  It doesn’t really matter.  The events that take place here are wayyy before the first comic takes place.

Done By: TellTale Games, Vertigo (who also did the comics), and Warner Brothers.  So how could this go wrong?  That’s right, it can’t!  Perhaps one of the coolest things about TellTale, is that the entire game changes based on the players choices.  So it’s always evolving, and growing based on your choices, yes you over there!  How cool is that?

Type: Point and click, graphic adventure.

Welcome back, to one of my favorite stories, brought to us by the lovely people at TellTale.  I have to say, I just adore this game, the characters are a lot of fun, the story line is pretty interesting, and when Bigby goes full wolf, there really isn’t anything better than that.

Anyways, let’s dive right in to meat of the episode, get it?  Meat?  Butcher?  Ehhh, ehh?  I know I didn’t think it was that funny, when I wrote it either.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 1.08.24 PMThis has to be the best photo of the entire day, honestly!  It really shows the best of humanity, doesn’t it?  Shows a little hope, maybe even a spark?

The first shot we get, ends up being this one?  Poor Bigby, he’s really had himself a rough night.

bloody-wolfAll I have to say is Bloody Mary is on BAMF.  Shouldn’t I hate her?  Or at the very least dislike her?  DO you guys like her?  Or hate her?

On top of that we have Snow over here looking terrified (with good reason), but I can’t take the look on Snow’s face.  Really, thanks TellTale.


bigby's-apartmentOMG, seriously Bigby what have you gotten yourself into?  You don’t look so hot my friend.  I mean physically, yes you still kind of do, but you don’t look well my friend.

Why does TellTale do things like this?  I have to reset his arm?  I’m really not emotionally prepared for this.  Like who do they think I am?  A doctor?  Well, I’m not.

TWAUEwww, look away, so nasty.

Now is it just me, or do you find Dr. Swineheart super creepy?  Am I just being rude here?  Or does he give you the creepy vibes?  Collin is with me on it.

quietDon’t you tell me what to do, Mr. Swineheart.  I’m a grown wolf, I do whatever the hell I wanna do.

How can you not kind of love the adorable little Collin?  He’s good looking, honest, funny, and even a good cook, why he might just be the total package.


Anyways, Snow and Bigby have a “moment”, which is really adorable.  Just kiss already guys, seriously.


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.56.38 PM

So their moment was cut short.  Thanks Collin, way to ruin everything, like good going Collin.  Maybe I should send you to the farm after all.  Then Snow goes to grab the phone, but first should we mention that she is in Bigby’s apartment, not her own?  Should she be answering his phone?  Like who do you think you are Missy?  Apparently she thinks she’s Snow Fucking White, that’s who she thinks she is.  Apparently, Nerissa wants to talk to us, she’s waiting at Bigby’s office.  This could be interesting?  If you remember Nerissa is the “hooker”, who works at The Pudding and Pie.  We’ve met her a couple of times, and she seems nice enough, I mean she’s no Faith, but she’s nice.  I feel pretty bad for her too, especially if you remember our first “meeting” with her.  I hope we have the option to kill Georgie later on, or now would be good too, yeah I kind of like now better.  OMG, who am I becoming?


I mean, she’s really not that bad, she seems to really want to help us, she just can’t, the whole “my lips are sealed” thing.

Nerissa-officeI mean she really is kind of adorable, like she could have been a really lovely gal in the old days, but I guess life got a little rough for most of the fables.


She’s really trying to tell us something, but it’s not really working super well, that damn spell.  Bigby suspects something with the ribbon, especially when she says “do you like my ribbon?”  Remember that exact same question from Faith, way back in episode one?  Right?  Weird.  We have the option to reach over and take off the ribbon, which is the one I press, she doesn’t like that at all.  She get’s weirded out, and actually knocks the chair over, so we can’t get it off.  It takes her awhile to calm down, and once again I’ve realized I’ve chosen wrong, once again.  Damn it Lindsey, get your shit together.  We’re seriously not even ten minutes into the game and you’re already messing up?  Good job.  But wait a min, Faith’s cut was exactly in the same spot as her ribbon.  Could death be the penalty of taking off your ribbon, the thing the binds you to the spell?  I mean it makes some sort of sense.  And come to think of it, Lily got her head cut off too, in the same exact spot to.  This is really fishy, and no I didn’t open a can of tuna.

Nerissa-memoryIt’s kind of nice they get a moment and all, I mean I don’t ship them AT ALL, but in a friend sort of way I don’t mind.  It always kind of cracks me up when the game says shit like this, Nerissa will remember that…  Well I sure frickin’ hope so.  Like if she didn’t would she have no memory skills at all, or what?  I mean I get it’s necessary and all, just sometimes it’s really funny.

Snow, of course interrupts this moment, and tells us that Beauty and Beast wanted to talk to me.  Apparently they’re in the shit again, figures.  So we jump right on over there, to save the day I bet, and when we get there they’re arguing, again, it seems like that’s all the ever frickin’ do.  But, what are you going to do?  Also, Beast’s voice sounds super familiar (I looked it up, it’s also the same voice actor for Kenny, on The Walking Dead Game.  I knew it).  That’s pretty awesome, because Kenny is like my favorite character, although Beast is not.


fablesWeird, apparently the voice of Beauty, was also the voice of Clementine.  Clementine is soo much cooler, honestly.

Anyways, after some motivation, they give me some information, which leads us to our first real “decision”.

decisionsI ended up going to the butcher shop first, because I thought I could do less damage there first.  I mean, I didn’t want to get Beauty in too much trouble.

butcher-shopWell someone doesn’t seem to be as happy to see us as I thought they would be, oh bummer.  He’s pretty sketchy, but if it comes to a fist-fight, it’ll just be sad for him.  Is he even a fable?  If he is, what even is his true form?  Like a squirrel?  Side note:  Bigby’s face is just priceless here.  We ask if we can have a little look around, because it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t a butcher shop.  There is like no meat, what-so-ever.  So he says in a minute, and walks into the back, to “clean up”, we can’t have that, so we immediately follow him backstage.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t know we were following him, I stayed silent, and he seemed genuinely surprised when we caught up to him.


He doesn’t look super “happy” to see us, and I can’t blame him, especially when I take the option to be The Big Bad Wolf, and rough house a little.  He doesn’t like us at all, that’s alright though, he needed a little “wake up” call.


We finally get somewhere, and wander into a “magical meth lab”, like it looks pretty legit to me, if I ever did see a meth lab, that is.  But he gave the people in there a bit of a warning, so we didn’t get as much progress as we would have, had he been smarter, or wiser.


But I think we did, in fact, make “some” progress, if the only progress we made, was understanding just how bad a sheriff we had been.  Let me tell you, we’ve been terrible, just awful, like get your shit together Bigby.  Then we head on over to the Lucky Pawn Shop.  Yay, I love those kinds of places.  I’m sure it’ll just end up being stunning.

Look who beat us there, Woody Woodsmen, how ya doing pal?  Oh I forgot you were still mad at me, I’m sorry really, can’t we just be friends?  I’d like that very much.


The award for creepiest fellow in this episode goes to this dude!

70sApparently he runs the whole show (at the pawn shop), and is a total creep, and crafty as hell.

full-throttleBut I do have to give him mad credits for his other form, so damn cool, and powerful.  But he is no match for Bigby Wolf, and Axe Man!  Thank you buddy for saving my arse, really!

best-friendsMe and Woody have a moment, there were a lot of sweet little moments with Bigby and other people.  He has friends, yay!  I ship them, as friends, like their relationship is pretty damn cool.  They’ve both tried to kill each other like a hundred times, but they still sort of like each other, or tolerate each other.  I think it’s super sweet.  Also, is it just me, or did the graphics get a million times better in this episode?  I think it looks fantastic.


We also ended up finding the shard (for the magic mirror), and some money (which we took, because yolo), so Bigby went back to Snow a successful man.  We deal then with BlueBeard, and Mr. Toad, or whatever his name is, and I didn’t end up sending him to the farm.  I instead gave him Crane’s money, and he was pretty happy about that.

Buffkin then got the mirror up and running, apparently it hates Bloody Mary, very scary I guess.  Snow wanted to see where Crane was, and I don’t blame her, poor girl, apparently he was about to get on a plane to Paris, but Bloody Mary was there too.  She figured out that we were watching very quickly, and somehow she blocked us from seeing anything more, she has some wicked powers.  I know I’m supposed to hate her, but it’s kind of the opposite, she’s just such an interesting character, like one of my favorites in the game, thus far.



But we did find the location of the guy in charge, which is what we really needed, an up day.  So off we run, which he rarely does, so I was pretty pumped.


And then we walk through the magical door, and off to meet The Crooked Man, FINALLY!


As soon as we are through the door, we meet an old friend (?) Tim.  I should probably have known him.  Maybe he was in the comics?


This is the face of the Crooked Man, stunning, simply stunning.


He then tells us that he has a “deal” for us, and then the episode is over.  Fineto, complete, done.  I feel like this one was pretty short, but then again I could be wrong, I’ll probably play through it again, just to make sure.



What I’ve Decided On:

Overall, this episode had a lot of great “minor” moments, where we got to see Bigby as something other than The Big Bad Wolf.  Which is really great, I still think that Snow and Bigby will end up together, but it’s pretty far into the future (unfortunately).  There was a lot of action, which was awesome, because action is awesome.  Although, there wasn’t really a whole lot of “meat” to the episode, which I was pretty bummed about.  We haven’t really had a “killer” episode, we’ve had a lot of good episodes, but non to the level, or complexity of The Walking Dead.  With all that said and done, I still quite enjoy this game, and adore the layout and characters.  TellTale has just really set some HIGH standards for their games, and they have not disappointed with The Wolf Among Us one bit.  It’s just not quite the same as TWDG.  The relationships that played such a huge role in TWDG, just aren’t here in The Wolf Among Us, but this one is way more action packed, and has a lot more intense fight scenes.  So I guess you win some, you loose some, kind of like in every area of life I suppose.  Although, I’m still really waiting for that one decision (like in TWDG), where you’re never really sure if you’ve made the right choice.  Maybe it’s choosing to save one of the characters, or not, or really just anything like that would be great.

How’d it score?  Well after playing through it a second time (making sure I picked the save file, where I burned Aunty Greenleaf’s tree, sorry Greenleaf, and killed one of the Dums.), I can say I’ll rate it a good:  7.5/10  For me, it’s not as good as the previous episode, there was a lot more humor, and just stuff going on in the previous.  Plus, I’m pretty sure it was a bit shorter than the previous episodes, which is kind of a bummer.

Have you guys played through it yet?  What are some of your thoughts?  Living up to your expectations?  Lemme know in the comments below!

*Note: I do not own the rights to any of the photos, nor do I claim to, I only took the screenshots myself.  So they belong to their rightful owner, over at TellTale.  I do not get paid to promote, or write these articles, I only write them because I genuinely enjoy the games.  As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoy the new release of Watch Dogs, and the Tomb Raider Comics!










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